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Central Texas 


    I stand Out Front for


I protect the environment and the places we love.

I look out for our shared best interests.

Critical Information

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Every year we stand OUT FRONT for what we believe. In recent years, the elements that have taken over City Council seek development above all else. Sure, that is fine if you are growing in a way that is sustainable. 

There is nothing wrong with growing, with developing a landscape as long as the proper environmental sustainability conditions are met. In the City of San Marcos, TX, those conditions have not been met.


In an environment where the environmental scientists predict we will be shifting from a Semi-Arid environment to a fully Arid environment in the coming years, to build and grow without planning on how the environmental change will affect our aquifer and our current water allotment is borderline criminal. 

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​​While on City Council (2018-20):

  • Alliance Regional Water Authority Board of Directors: Served during the construction phase of the water pipeline from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer to secure the water future for San Marcos and other entities in the region 

  • Voted consistently for Affordable Housing initiatives in the City of San Marcos

  • Voted consistently for flood mediation and floodplain modifications to protect our people and city from devasting flood events. 

  • Voted consistently for Environmental Justice initiatives, to include social equity issues for disparate populations in the City of San Marcos

  • Voted consistently to support new business incubation in the City of San Marcos while fighting to make them pay their own way with no tax rebates or the lowest amount possible

  • Voted consistently in support of citizens deciding for themselves what their neighborhoods should look like

  • Chair of Criminal Justice Committee: Passed Cite and Release Ordinance



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