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Small Business Incubation

In the era of COVID-19, the world has changed. There are promising signs across the world that we have achieved a level of control over COVID-19, even though the illness will remain with the human race far into the future. 

The United States has many concerns on the world stage, from the rise of the BRICS nations and the threat to petro-dollar supremacy, to the much vaunted housing crisis and a looming potential recession. Because of these combined factors, it is necessary for us to seek to assist people who may be otherwise struggling find a way to make an income for themselves and their families during this difficult time and beyond. 

Small business incubation is a necessary implement in the toolbox of economic provisioning. Making sure city staff and community organizations work together to create a thriving climate for small businesses is essential. Local economy can often be seasonal, and for cities with universities, a substantial proportion of the populace is mobile, which can make it difficult for businesses to thrive year-round. 

There have to be local solutions to local problems. There is no reason why small cities cannot support small business incubation as well as large cities. Helping business owners find resources and locations where they can provide services and goods to the community at large is so important. In time, it allows them to thrive in a manner that elevates the businesses themselves as well as the city.


  Creating shared business space for local entrepreneurs,  supporting local organizations that currently assist small business development and actively seeking to support the plans and dreams of local business people should be a major part of all forward-thinking efforts. If the small business person does not thrive, then that leaves a city bereft of character as national and global chains move in to create the kind of sameness decried at so many levels across the nation. 


 All cities have unique characters. By emphasizing what is different and attractive about each one, as well as highlighting any environmental assets, I know that the cities of Central Texas can stand out as the Jewels that they've always been! 


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